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Dr. Mitnick has prescribed a drop called Restasis.  Restasis is a combination of

an artificial tear and a medication.  The artificial tear will give you immediate

(although usually short-lived) relief from dry eye.  The other component

suppresses a part of the immune mechanism in the eye.  This component usually

takes weeks or even months before the full benefits are realized. It may take

more than 3 months for the full effect to be felt.  This means that initially you may

only feel the short-term relief from the artificial tears.

If you wear contact lenses, put one drop in each eye in the morning then wait at

least 15 minutes before putting your contact lenses in. Put a second drop in after

removing contact lenses.

Restasis comes in vials.  When putting in the first drop, break off the tip of one

vial and put in the drops.  You can use the same vial for the second drop later in

a day.  After putting in the second drop, throw away the vial and open a new vial

each day.

You can use other artificial tears when using Restasis, but use them between

drops of Restasis. Sometimes Restasis will sting when you put in the drops. If so,

try keeping in the refrigerator. Usually this will improve over the course of 3

weeks. If they sting a lot, let Dr. Mitnick know. He can prescribe another drop to

use before Restasis to decrease

the stinging.