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  • "Thank you taking the time to do the most comprehensive exam I have ever had!"
    -Rhonda Withington
  • "I have called on Dr. Mitnick several times to help me with a patient. Dr. Mitnick has been my primary eye doctor for several years. My children were his patients before they left for the Marines. My teenage daughter still sees Dr. Mitnick for her contact lens problems. Floyd is fortunate to have Dr. Mitnick in our community. You might even see him playing his guitar on Friday night."
    -Joe Baum, M.D. / Physician
  • "After attributing pain in my eyes and daily headaches to chronic sinusitis for over a year, I had no way of knowing a regular check-up with Dr. Mitnick would positively change the quality of my life, explain the pain, and start my healing. With his thorough examination and excellent diagnostic skills, he found my problems were coming from a medical condition of my eyes. He researched treatments that would not interact with my other medications, and he saw me weekly to assure my progress and to adjust medications if needed. He also directed me toward natural ways of maintaining a healthy body. How fortunate I am to have chosen Dr. Blake Mitnick as my doctor. He is competent, caring, and trustworthy‚Ķ.there is no better!"
    - LeeAnne Farley